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Scottish football fans regain a FFIT Focus as Football Fans in Training returns to St Mirren.

Football Fans in Training (FFIT, pronounced FIT) is set to return to St Mirren FC as community programmes start to get back underway after months of Covid-19 restriction.

All sessions will be following Scottish Government guidelines in relation to health and safety during Covid-19, to help create a safe and welcoming environment for football fans to get back in action.

Now St Mirren FC Charitable Foundation is ready to get a new season of FFIT up and running, and is encouraging supporters who are interested in participating to sign up via email –

FFIT is Europe’s leading healthy lifestyle programme, powered by football clubs in a number of different countries across the continent. The programme was born in Scotland where it continues to have a hugely positive effect as thousands of participants from the last decade can attest.

Open to both men and women (delivered via separate programmes), FFIT provides football fans with an opportunity to become healthier, lose weight, and become happier at the same time.

Men and women aged 35-65 with a waist of 38 inches or a belly size of 40 inches are invited to participate.

The 12-week programme (plus a ‘week zero’ session) aims to help participants:

  • Increase knowledge of diet & nutrition
  • Improve lifestyle choices
  • Increase physical activity amongst participants
  • Reduce weight and waist measurements
  • Increase engagement in other physical activity

The programme was created by the SPFL Trust in partnership with the University of Glasgow. It is funded in Scotland, by the Scottish Government.

Research has determined that the power of being ‘in your own club’ (defined as being behind the scenes, in the dressing rooms, by the pitch) has a strong motivating factor, and results it a very much higher level of programme ‘completers’, the rate of which is generally 75%, which is well above metrics recorded in non-football environments.

Further long-term research has revealed that participants in FFIT not only lost weight but that they largely kept it off and maintained a healthier lifestyle.

SPFL Trust chief executive Nicky Reid comments:

“We are delighted that St Mirren is delivering Football Fans in Training, this season. We’ve seen over ten years the life-changing impact that FFIT can have on men and women. Over three-quarters of those who start a FFIT programme complete it, and most keep the weight they lose off, in the long run. It’s the ultimate win-win, and so after the strict pandemic restrictions this was one of our biggest priorities, to get FFIT back – and everyone focused!”

Issued by Electrify Marketing & Communications on behalf of the SPFL Trust

For more information please contact:

Michael Campbell                                                 Graeme Alexander     

Community Development Officer                     Senior Associate                                               

07502139728                                                         07340 934 811


Some Statistics!

  • 680 men took part in the MFFIT with 502 completing (74%). Men lost an average 4.9kg and 7.3cm from their waist
  • 387 Women (WFFIT) started the programme with 287 Women completing the programme (74%). Women lost an average of 3.5kg and 6.5cm from their waist
  • 20 trusts and associated clubs ran both men’s and women’s FFIT, with 5 running men’s only, and one running Women’s only (details below)
  • 74% retention rate on both men’s and women’s program

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